New Dimension of TV Entertainment Offered by Cyfrowy Polsat. Launch of Cyfrowy Polsat GO service.

15 Mar 2016

In line with the adopted strategy of expanding the world of multimedia family entertainment, Cyfrowy Polsat is introducing a new offer called Cyfrowy Polsat GO  which will extend the existing package of satellite channels by adding on-line, on-demand access to selected content and to linear channels offered in respective TV packages, as well as access to free and paid VOD content. The prices of program packages do not change.

Launch of the new offer is accompanied by the start of Cyfrowy Polsat GO service which is available at as well as in the form of an application for set-top boxes and mobile devices with Android OS. Thanks to the new service, the subscribers will be able to enjoy continuous access to as many as 84 on-line channels and also to thousands of materials offered on demand.

The nationwide advertising campaign, promoting the new offer, is taking off today. The campaign will be present in TV, radio and in the Internet, as well as in social media.


Cyfrowy Polsat GO is yet another step in the development of Cyfrowy Polsat’s TV offer and it is a response the expectations of the subscribers who while living in the fast lane are trying to make the best of every moment of their lives and expect that TV will be available to them at the time and place of their choice.


Cyfrowy Polsat GO offer includes access to:

  • as many as 174 satellite channels,
  • as many as 84 online channels  available via mobile devices,
  • thousands of programs, sports events, soap operas and programs for children in the VOD option at no additional cost,
  • a rich library of additionally paid VOD content, including movies.

Cyfrowy Polsat GO service on set-top boxes and mobile devices

Thanks to a website and the application for Android devices, Cyfrowy Polsat GO offer is available via connected STB’s as well as on mobile devices. All that is needed to be able to watch TV on mobile devices is to use the new supplementary service called ON THE GO. In addition to access via STB, the new service also enables access to favorite content on as many as even three selected mobile devices simultaneously, namely on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. ON THE GO means more possibilities of watching TV in various places and situations: on a train, in a car, at a meeting with friends as well as everywhere where there is time and opportunity to watch one’s favorite films, soap operas and programs. Monthly fee for the service is only 5 PLN.

STB users will find the Cyfrowy Polsat GO application in the VOD bookmark which includes on-demand content from a user’s program package (catch up TV) and an extensive library of additional free and paid TV content. The new application has been already installed on EVOBOX PVR, PVR HD 7000 and HD5500s set-top boxes. By the end of March it will be available on the remaining models of STB’s manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat.

Additional information regarding Cyfrowy Polsat GO service:

  • Cyfrowy Polsat GO has been created in line with the latest market trends and as a reaction to subscribers’ needs. It presents the content in a totally new and attractive way.
  • Both, Cyfrowy Polsat GO application for Android-powered devices as well as the application available on Cyfrowy Polsat STB’s and web service have been designed and created by Cyfrowy Polsat’s programmers.
  • The application for mobile devices is free and can be downloaded from Google Play, while the WWW service is available at
  • Subscribers can access the mobile application and www service by entering the login and the password they use for accessing ICOK (the Internet Customer Care Center).
  • Further development of the service is planned – subsequent development stages will, among others, feature the possibility of remote activation of recording function on EVOBOX PVR STB,  or the kids zone (it is already possible to restrict access to content while using the parental control settings).

Cyfrowy Polsat GO offer is available to both, new and existing subscribers who will decide to extend their contracts. A customer who will decide to sign a new contract after March 15 will be offered free access for 2 months (in the basic offer) or even for as long as  6 months (when placing orders via the website).


EVOBOX PVR set-top box - the new dimension of entertainment

EVOBOX PVR set-top box is the flagship extension of the new offer. It is the latest and the most advanced technologically satellite STB offered in Poland. This state-of-the-art device, manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat, features software based on the solutions which support personalized and integrated TV. Built-in 500 GB disk enables recording of may hours of favorite programs, while the intuitive menu enables smooth navigation across the STB’s options. The device offers the possibility of recording of up to 3 programs simultaneously as well as the options of stopping, rewinding and replaying of materials. The built-in Wi-Fi module enables wireless connection to the Internet and access to on-line content.

Start of the campaign promoting the new offer and the new Cyfrowy Polsat GO service

Changes in our offer are accompanied by a 360o advertising campaign in major TV stations (including  Polsat and its thematic channels, TVP, TVN), radio stations (including RMF FM, Radio ZET, Rock Radio) as well as in the Internet while using horizontal portals, web browsers and social media. Krzysztof Ibisz, a well-known and liked TV anchor, is the face of the campaign and of Cyfrowy Polsat  communication platform. The above activities promote the new dimension of entertainment in Cyfrowy Polsat, along with the new EVOBOX PVR STB and Cyfrowy Polsat GO service.

Marek Górski and Jakub Kopiczyński  from Grey agency are the authors of the TV campaign which is directed by Mariusz Palej. Commercial spots have been produced by TFP and Mariusz Matwiejczuk. Chimney Pot is responsible for post-production while the sound has been realized by Studio Zet. Vizeum agency was responsible for media buying.


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