Polsat Group in the fight against the coronavirus

08 May 2020

The to-date offer and program solutions as well as the promotional activities introduced by Polsat Group as the elements of the fight against the epidemic include:

  • Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Group have donated in excess of PLN 30 million in total so far for supporting the society and the health care institutions in their struggle against the coronavirus pandemics.
  • Purchase by Zygmunt Solorz and the Polsat Group of 200 thousand coronavirus tests, along with the necessary lab equipment, for the amount of more than PLN 16 million, and donating these tests to the Ministry of Health and to Polish citizens so as to increase the capabilities of testing, identification of infected individuals and their isolation, i.e. the key elements of the fight against the epidemics in Poland.
  • Donating 2200 tablets connected to the Internet to the children who are most in need, i.e. the ones living in orphanages and foster families.
  • Collecting PLN 3 million thanks to “Advertising to the rescue – Together in the fight against coronavirus" action and transferring the amount to the hospitals and the institutions involved in the fight against the epidemics.
  • Allocating by the Polsat Foundation of PLN 2 million from its own resources for the purchase of the most needed equipment for the health care institutions.
  • „SMS to the rescue” – a dedicated commercial spot of Polsat Foundation and Polsat TV, all proceeds from which will be used for the purchase of necessary personal protection equipment for health care personnel.
  • Aid to the Provincial Ambulance and Sanitary Transport Service "Meditrans" SP ZOZ in Warsaw.
  • Plus, supported by ZTE Poland, donated 10 thousand protective masks to hospitals.
  • #okonamalucha (#newbornsunderthewatchfuleye) –Plus donated SIM cards with Internet access to the Department of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Warsaw Medical University in the Princess Anna Mazowiecka Clinical Hospital.
  • Involving employees in the “Feel the taste of help” action – the collected funds allow 4 Smaki Restaurants&Catering to provide free meals to the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.
  • Donating over 3000 daffodils to the “Wolne Miejsce” Foundation under the action of “Easter Breakfast for the Lonely”.
  • “Let’s help each other” social campaign by Polsat Group encouraging people to help the elderly.
  • #CzytamyDlaDzieci (#ReadingforChildren) – the known and popular people read fairy tales – every day at 8 p.m. on the official profile of Polsat Foundation on Instagram.
  • #JesteśmyDlaDzieci (#WearefortheChildren) – a program under the patronage of Polsat Foundation, addressing the important topics associated with the threats and consequences that the coronavirus may have for children and their parents.
  • Under the joint action, the manufacturer of mobile devices - OPPO donated 188 smartphones and Plus donated 188 starter kits with free calls, SMS’s and Internet access services to the people in care of “Polki Mogą Wszystko” Foundation – the equipment was distributed to children in 24 day care centers.
  • Broadcasting of Sunday Masses in Polsat News and Polsat Rodzina channels, as well as in IPLA service. 
  • Daily workouts with personal trainer in Polsat News and daily entertainment with the stars of Polsat TV via live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Film offer of IPLA, the biggest Internet entertainment service – strong titles which have had premieres in cinemas recently.
  • Free 10 GB data pack for all customers of Plus and Plush and a new 20 GB data pack for PLN 10.
  • Free 10 GB data pack for the customers of Cyfrowy Polsat using selected Internet tariffs and a new additional 20 GB data pack for PLN 10.
  • Additional 33 channels under an “open window” for the subscribers of the DTH satellite television and the Cable TV in IPTV technology offered by Cyfrowy Polsat.
  • 25 additional channels for all viewers in Plus network in a free IPLA PLUS package, bringing the total number of the channels offered to 30.
  • Fixed-line Internet access provided by Plus network in HFC, ETTH, PON technologies has been accelerated to maximum data transmission speeds, even up to 1 Gbps, without any additional charges.
  • TIDAL without data limit for customers of Plus network and for new users of the music service –  free access to TIDAL for 90 days.
  • Big additional Internet data packs and more GB as the bonus for topping up accounts in prepaid offers in Plus network.
  • Providing all current news related to the pandemics in Polsatnews.pl and in Polsat News mobile application as well as in Polsat and Polsat News channels.
  • Free data transfer in Polsat News application for Plus customers.
Last updated 07/13/2020