Over 15 million Poles can enjoy LTE Plus Advanced Internet Access Service

19 Jan 2017

Over 15 million Poles live within the reach of LTE Plus Advanced Internet access service offered by Cyfrowy Polsat Group, with the standard LTE technology being available to practically all inhabitants of Poland. In Q4 2016 the customers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat transferred 152 PB of data, or 23% more than in Q3 and 63% more than a year earlier. As much as 514 PB of data was transferred during the entire 2016, i.e. 80% more than in 2015.

The coverage footprint of LTE Plus Advanced Internet access service extends over a territory inhabited by over 40% of the country’s population, which means that over 15.370 million Poles can use the latest technology. LTE Internet access service offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat is currently available to 99% of Poland’s population.


LTE Advanced service from Cyfrowy Polsat Group is provided in two variants. The first one involves aggregation of two 20 MHz carriers in LTE FDD standard which operate in 1800 and 2600 MHz frequency bands. The second one, in turn, involves aggregation of a 20 MHz carrier in 1800 MHz frequency band and a 5 MHz carrier in 800 MHz frequency band.

LTE Plus Advanced not only means higher maximum data transfer rates for Internet access but also improved network stability and, above all, bigger capacity, thanks to which a bigger group of Internet users can enjoy comfortable access.

The high quality of the services is confirmed by the reports published by the Office of Electronic Communication (UKE). Internet access offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat was the winner in the data download and upload rate categories in all the surveys published by UKE in 2016, i.e. in the survey of the quality of mobile services in Poland published on 22 January 2016 as well as in the survey of the quality of telecommunication services offered on railroads in Poland, published on 27 December 2016.

Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat customers already own 207 thousand devices which support Internet access relying on LTE Advanced technology. As many as 30 devices which operate in LTE cat. 6 and support LTE Advanced technology are available in the current offer, including 25 smartphones, 4 routers and 1 tablet.




Last updated 01/23/2017