Expanding Plus' ultrafast mobile and fiber Internet coverage

27 Mar 2024

Plus is expanding its 5G, 5G Ultra and fiber-optic network coverage. There are already 23 million people in Poland within the range of 5G Plus, and the even faster 5G Ultra can be used by 6 million people in all provinces. The availability of high-speed fixed-line Internet Plus Światłowód is also being increased all the time, and is currently available to more than 13 million Polish residents.

However, this is not the end of the changes. 2024 will be the year of further 5G expansion in Plus. Thanks to the planned aggregation of the new C-band together with existing network resources, customers will gain even more opportunities to use 5G Internet with maximum technological speeds of up to 2 Gbps.  

Internet in Plus is:

  • 5G: 23 million people in coverage
  • 5G Ultra: 6 million people in coverage
  • Plus Fiber Optic: 13 million people in coverage

Ultrafast mobile Internet from Plus

With nearly 3,700 base stations, 5G Internet can already be used by 23 million people in 1,150 smaller and larger towns in all provinces.

Plus is also expanding its 5G Ultra network coverage. The solution uses aggregation, or the combination of 3 radio bands - two in 5G technology (2600 MHz and 2100 MHz) and additionally a 4G layer (1800 MHz) - for high-speed data transmission.

5G Ultra technology is currently available in 257 smaller and larger towns across the country. Currently, 5G Ultra supports nearly 1,000 stations. As a result, there are already 6 million people within range of the fiber-fast mobile Internet.

The benefits of 5G and 5G Ultra networks can be enjoyed at no extra charge by all customers with post-paid, prepaid and Internet offers from Plus and Plusha. All that is required is to have a smartphone or router that supports the technology and to be within range of the network. As a result, customers gain fast data transfer and smooth use of online services, such as streaming video in 4K or 8K quality, playing games in the cloud without lag, watching live broadcasts without stuttering, downloading files quickly, uploading large attachments in a short period of time and efficient operation of multiple devices connected to the network simultaneously.

Fiber optics from Plus available throughout the home

Plus is also working on the development of the Plus Fiber Optic offer so that as many people as possible can benefit from high-speed fixed-line Internet.

Currently, more than 6 million homes and apartments, or 13 million Polish residents in all provinces, are already within reach of fiber optic cable from Plus.

Users get the opportunity to use fiber-optic Internet at speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which guarantees working and studying remotely without interference, or trouble-free operation of many devices connected to the network.

You can check the availability of Plus Światłowód in your home at www.plus.pl/swiatlowod.

Plus mobile Internet development plans

Plus is preparing to further expand its 5G network to provide users with the best possible service. In the coming months, thanks to the planned aggregation of the C-band with existing radio resources, users will gain access to mobile Internet with a maximum technological speed of up to 2 Gbps. The increase in speed and the increase in network capacity will further enhance the quality of services offered.



Last updated 03/27/2024