Polsat TV was the most frequently watched TV station in June and in Q2 2016 in both audience groups. Polsat as the viewership leader in the commercial viewer group in H1 2016

04 Jul 2016

In June Polsat TV was unmatched and was the most frequently selected of the four nationwide TV stations, both in the 4+ and 16-49 viewer groups. Just like in May, also in June the leadership position  lead to Polsat’s victory in the audience rankings for both audience groups in Q2 2016. The entire first half of 2016 was also very successful for Polsat. The TV station ended it as the leader in the commercial viewer group. The station’s fine performance in the past six months was driven by its comprehensive and diversified programming offer, including in particular the shows which are very popular with viewers, such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “Nasz nowy dom” (Our new home), “Your face sounds familiar”, “TOP CHEF,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” UEFA EURO 2016 matches, or the 2016 Polsat Super Hit Festival.

Last updated 07/11/2016