More than 5 million people within range of 5G Ultra

30 Nov 2023

More than 5 million Polish residents can already benefit from 5G Ultra - the fastest 5G Internet in Poland. Thanks to nearly 900 base stations, more than 5 million Polish residents in 250 cities across all voivodeships can already enjoy 5G Ultra mobile Internet that is as fast as fiber. In total, more than 20 million people are within the range of Plus' 5G network.

Plus is constantly working on the development of the network and has been a leader in 5G technology for years, as confirmed by independent speed rankings. Launched in the middle of this year, the fiber-fast mobile Internet - 5G Ultra - is already available in all voivodships in Poland. In just under four months, 78 towns and cities, both large and small, came within range of this technology. Thanks to almost 900 base stations, 5 million Polish citizens can already enjoy the possibilities of ultra-fast 5G Ultra Internet. In total, more than 20 million people are within range of the Plus 5G network.

The pioneering solution uses aggregation, i.e. the combination of three radio bands - two in 5G technology (2600 MHz and 2100 MHz) and an additional 4G layer (1800 MHz) - for high-speed data transmission. Users can hold uninterrupted online meetings, conveniently and seamlessly work and study remotely even in smaller cities, seamlessly watch high-quality movies and TV series, and quickly download files.


Last updated 12/04/2023