2015 was definitely the year of Telewizja Polsat

04 Jan 2016

Last year was extremely successful for Telewizja Polsat. The station managed to outpace its competitors, TVN and TVP, in the commercial viewer group (16-49 age bracket), while achieving market share of 13.2%. It demonstrated that it is a market leader and the most readily watched TV station out of the “big four”. TVN, the no. 2, recorded SHR of 12.4%, with TVP1 taking the third spot with SHR of 8.4%. When the total audience is taken into account (the 4+ group), Polsat is no. 2 with a share of 11.6%, right behind TVP1 (12.3%), and ahead of TVN (10.7%) and TVP2 (8.7%).

Polsat Group, as a whole, also proved to be the definitive leader in the commercial viewer group in 2015, recording a share growth in the group which is most desirable for advertisers. Polsat Group accomplished the result of 24.6%, ahead of its competitors: TVP Group (23.8% SHR) and TVN Group (22.3% SHR).

Last updated 01/11/2016