Largest issuance of private company corporate bonds in Polish zloty

21 Dec 2022

Polsat Plus Group is the first Polish company issuing Sustainability-Linked Bonds according to the international ICMA (International Capital Market Association) standard. This is the largest issuance of corporate bonds by a private company in the history of the Polish zloty capital market (PLN 2.67 billion). The funds from the bond issue will support the implementation of Polsat Plus Group's Strategy 2023+, particularly the achievement of its goal to install 1,000 MW of clean energy generation capacity. For years, the Group has attached very high priority to ensuring that its development is carried out in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the inhabitants of Poland, Polish companies and the economy.

"We are very pleased that Polsat Plus Group is once again setting new trends in the Polish capital market. This is the first-ever Sustainability-Linked Bond issue according to ICMA standards. Concurrently, despite the exceptionally challenging economic environment, this is the largest PLN issue in the history of the Polish capital market. We are proud that the investors have once again placed its trust in us, and I deeply believe that our strategic goals will be accomplished," says Katarzyna Ostap-Tomann, Management Board Member responsible for finance in Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, Polsat Plus Group.

The issued bonds will support the implementation of Strategy 2023+, in particular the planned construction of 1,000 MW of installed capacity of low- and zero-carbon clean electricity generation and the full value chain of the green hydrogen economy, resulting in the reduction of CO2 in the Polish economy in the range of 2 million tons per year. Polsat Plus Group has also committed to bondholders to successively migrate to zero-emission sources of electricity used for own internal purposes.

As a result of this issuance, Polsat Plus Group will become the largest private issuer of PLN denominated bonds, once again making a positive contribution to the development of the Polish capital market. The total scale of Polsat Plus Group's issues in the Polish market, taking into account the previously placed bond series, will exceed PLN 3.1 billion.

The issue is Poland's first issuance of Sustainability-Linked Bonds, in accordance with the international ICMA standard (

Polsat Plus Group has been setting the direction of the Polish capital market for years, setting new standards and testing new instruments. In particular, the Group plans that the other financial instruments it will possibly use in the future will also be based on the long-term environmental goals enshrined in the Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework, a document that has passed the independent ESG rating agency's review.

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Last updated 12/21/2022