Motivation and development of employees

We see potential in each and every of the several thousand of our Group’s employees. We want to motivate them and invest in their individual development.


Employee development process is based on 70-20-10 rule:

  • 70 – development through experience (tasks, involvement in projects),
  • 20 – development through relations with others (knowledge sharing, feedback, coaching, mentoring),
  • 10 – development through participation in trainings (training courses, financial supports for studying, English classes, Managers’ Academy).

Apart from purely financial remuneration we also offer a number of benefits to the Group’s employees. We would like these benefits to provide not only motivation and incentive but to be also an expression of our gratitude for our employees’ daily work. At the same time, some benefits support achieving the balance between the work and the private life.

Selected benefits available to Polsat Plus Group employees:

  • healthcare subscriptions,
  • sports cards,
  • promotional offers for employees,
  • life insurance,
  • special offer of theater tickets,
  • events and contests under the patronage of our business partners,
  • offer of special discounts for summer and winter holiday stays.

We listen to the training-related needs of our employees. We offer them traditional courses (organized by external partners as well as in-house) which enable the employees to acquire or improve their skills. We have an extensive offer of online courses. We also have our own proprietary e-learning platform called “Akademia Wiedzy” (Academy of Knowledge) and a unique Managers Academy offer. Employees can also seek funding for their post-graduate studies or foreign language classes.

We are open to young people

For years, we have inviting young people to internships and apprenticeships at Polsat Plus Group companies.

Six month, paid internship, is an ideal way to acquire practical knowledge and skills. Each intern is entrusted with one project or a specific technical task for the execution of which they are fully responsible.

We have also a Summer Apprenticeship Program for the students who take their first steps on the labor market. Apprenticeship is paid and lasts minimum two months. Each apprentice works with a team in one of the business areas, including IT, Marketing, Sales and Customer Base Management, End-User Equipment, or Finance.

Last updated 02/23/2022