CSR in Polsat Group

With 7000 employees Polsat Plus Group is one of the biggest media-and-telecommunication groups in Central and Eastern Europe. Growth of our Group’s shareholder value is the superior goal of our operations. We try to achieve the goal in a balanced and responsible manner while assuring best quality products and services to our customers. At the same time we take care  that our employees are offered numerous development opportunities and feel satisfied with the work for our Group.

We are a big organization which has impact not only on the economy, the society and the natural environment but also on many groups of its stakeholders, starting from customers and viewers through employees, vendors, business partners, state institutions, community organizations, the media, analysts and investors to our competitors and financial institutions.

Our CSR activities are associated with three areas: care for the needs of our customers and viewers, assurance of development opportunities for our employees, and our social mission, which we pursue in the areas of safety and security, providing aid to children, promotion of sports and education.


Sustainability Report 2021

Online CSR Report for 2020

Full text of the CSR Report of Polsat Group for 2020

Last updated 04/06/2022