Success thanks to people

Our employees care for assuring top standards while serving 5.8 million customers each day and while caring for the quality of the 16.5 million services provided by us.

Our employees take care of the highest standard of service when serving 5.5 million of our customers as well as of the quality of the 18 million services (RGU’s) that we provide.

It is not only our base stations, TV studios, radio frequencies or the licenses that we hold that form the basis of success of Polsat Plus Group but above all it is the group of nearly 7 thousand of our employees. It is to them that we owe our market position, our reputation and the fact that more and more people in Poland want to use the Group’s services each year. We offer attractive employment terms and additional benefits, thus attracting the best employees to our organization.

Shaping of the culture of cooperation when pursuing common goals is important for us.

We are interested in making our Group a good and friendly workplace, so we take care of know-how transfer and best practice sharing among our companies as well as attractive employment terms and fringe benefits.


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Last updated 04/11/2024