Our work culture

We follow the Policy of diversity and respect for human rights of Polsat Plus Group.

aware of how valuable the employees’ experience is. Only highly qualified staff is able to assure the top quality of the services we provide. We have experts with unique skillsets working for us, including people specializing in broadcasting techniques, TV production and journalism, telecommunications, IT and advanced technologies, as well as TV technicians, on-line video production specialists, designers and construction engineers.


Shaping of the culture of cooperation is vital for us in the process of accomplishment of our goals. That is why we put stress on:

  • involvement of employees in new projects and tasks,
  • know-how sharing between experts,
  • industry-related and specific topic-focused training.

Crowd+ Program has been launched to support the search for the best solutions as well as know-how sharing within our organization and to help solve actual business challenges faced by the Group.. Its fundamental goal is to support the culture of innovation within the organization, to acquire and develop valuable business concepts and to enable involvement in management of the organization.


We offer a number of benefits to the Group’s employees, apart from the basic salary. We would like them to be not only a motivation and incentive but also an expression of our gratitude for their daily work. At the same time, some benefits are designed to support work-life balance.

Selected benefits available to the employees of Cyfrowy Polsat Group

  • Healthcare subscriptions

  • Sports Program

  • Employee promotions

  • Insurance

  • Special offers of theaters

Last updated 02/23/2022