Safety in the mountains and by the water

Safety – help and rescue in the mountains and by the water

In Polsat Plus Group we are convinced that state-of-the-art technologies may not only improve daily life but above all save human lives. We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with the rescue services operating in Polish mountains and by the water. For a number of years now Plus has been supporting rescuers in their activities, financing their training and donating funds for the purchase of specialized equipment for WOPR, MOPR as well as TOPR and GOPR rescue units.

Above all, thanks to our technology we have created a rescue system which has saved the health and life of many people in recent years.

Thanks to the efforts undertaken jointly with the rescue units (WOPR, MOPR, GOPR, TOPR), Plus launched the Integrated Rescue System. The two emergency numbers: 601100100 (for emergencies by the water) and 601100300 (for emergencies in the mountains), which can be accessed from all mobile and fixed-line networks in Poland, operate all-year-round and round-the-clock all over Poland. The system monitors the most popular tourist regions while watching over the safety of hundreds of thousands of people and enabling efficient communication with rescue units.

The system is supplemented by the free Ratunek (Rescue) application. Its key advantage is the location functionality which substantially shortens the time required to locate the injured person (by even up to 20 minutes). The application supports connection to the nearest rescue units’ station and while a call with the rescue unit is in progress it sends an SMS with the caller’s location to the rescuers.


RESCUE application is the only approved application and it is an element of the system for notifying of an accident which is used by the voluntary rescue units. 

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