Safety in the mountains and by the water

Thanks to technology at our disposal we have been able to create a rescue system which has saved health and lives of many people in recent years.

Launching of the Integrated Water Rescue System and Rescue Coordination Centers in the mountains are unprecedented events in the history of Polish business. Thanks to joint activities with rescue units, all Poles may use instant, precise and simple emergency call system in health and life-threatening situations by the water and in the mountains. A solution introduced by Polkomtel enables effective communication between rescuers and the injured persons. Our rescue system has made it possible to shorten the time of reaching a person who is in danger by even as much as 20 minutes – experience shows that this time is often a thin line between effective help and human tragedy.

 Two free-of-charge emergency lines launched by Plus – 601 100 100 (lifeguard rescue services) and 601 100 300 (mountain rescue services) – are easy to remember. We promote these numbers on posters, banners and leaflets which can be found in all places where the knowledge of these numbers may save lives. Information about the numbers is also available, among others, in mountain shelters, on the beaches, in marinas and tourist information points.


Last updated 02/07/2019