Software for EVOBOX PVR set-top box received prestigious awards during the IBC 2016 fair

During this year’s IBC international fair the state-of-the-art, multimedia software for Cyfrowy Polsat’s latest set-top box received two awards. The graphyne2 platform, from ADB, which constitutes the software for EVOBOX PVR, received a prestigious award in the category “Best Interactive Application or Technology” at the CSI Awards and was recognized as the most innovative product at the IBC Best of Show Awards.

Last updated 10/20/2016

Cyfrowy Polsat receives an award for the best STB and the best multimedia service

During the 2016 SAT Kurier Awards gala which accompanied the 2016 SAT KRAK 2016 trade fair, last Thursday, October 6, two awards were presented to Cyfrowy Polsat. Its EVOBOX PVR set-top box was ranked no. 1 in the category “Best Dedicated STB”, while IPLA Internet TV was no. 1 in the “Best Service” category.


Last updated 10/20/2016

EVOBOX PVR set-top box awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair (MTP)

During this year’s Poznań Media Expo Fairs (25-28 April 2016) the latest satellite set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat – EVOBOX PVR, state-of-the-art and most technologically advanced satellite equipment available in the operators’ offers, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair (MTP). Innovative software of the EVOBOX PVR set-top box has been developed in cooperation with the renowned company - ADB.

Last updated 04/28/2016

Cyfrowy Polsat introduces new sports channels; Eleven and Eleven Sports launch on Poland’s largest satellite platform

Cyfrowy Polsat, the largest media and telecom group in Poland, has signed an agreement with ELEVEN SPORTS NETWORK to bring subscribers the action-packed HD channels, Eleven and Eleven Sports.

Last updated 04/15/2016

New Dimension of TV Entertainment Offered by Cyfrowy Polsat. Launch of Cyfrowy Polsat GO service.

In line with the adopted strategy of expanding the world of multimedia family entertainment, Cyfrowy Polsat is introducing a new offer called Cyfrowy Polsat GO  which will extend the existing package of satellite channels by adding on-line, on-demand access to selected content and to linear channels offered in respective TV packages, as well as access to free and paid

Last updated 03/18/2016

New EVOBOX PVR set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat

Still in January 2016 a new set-to-box for satellite TV with a recording function will be added to the offer of the biggest satellite TV platform in Poland. EVOBOX PVR is the latest and the most advanced device created in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s factory in Mielec. The STB enables simultaneous recording of programs from three channels and has modern design while its innovative software was developed in cooperation with ADB. EVOBOX PVR will be available to both, new customers and existing subscribers, at prices starting from PLN 49.

Last updated 01/18/2016

Cyfrowy Polsat and ADB enter into cooperation in order to develop state-of-the-art TV solutions for their customers

Cyfrowy Polsat and ADB entered into cooperation in order to jointly develop solutions and state-of-the-art television services. Both companies, using their to-date technologies and engineering knowledge, plan to deliver new, attractive and competitive TV services based on the ConnectedOS platform located in the cloud newly launched by ADB and set-top boxes manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat.

Last updated 09/07/2015

Cyfrowy Polsat switches to modern MPEG-4 compression system

From October this year Cyfrowy Polsat will provide TV services using only the MPEG-4 compression standard, which gives new possibilities and ensures higher signal quality. Cyfrowy Polsat thus withdraws from using the older and less effective MPEG-2 standard. The switch to MPEG-4 will take place in phases with the finalization of the process planned for the end of September this year. Nearly 100% of Cyfrowy Polsat’s subscribers already use HD set-top boxes designed to receive MPEG-4. The remaining customers are entitled to a free of charge replacement of their equipment.

Last updated 06/22/2015


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