EVOBOX PVR set-top box awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair (MTP)

26 Apr 2016

During this year’s Poznań Media Expo Fairs (25-28 April 2016) the latest satellite set-top box manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat – EVOBOX PVR, state-of-the-art and most technologically advanced satellite equipment available in the operators’ offers, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair (MTP). Innovative software of the EVOBOX PVR set-top box has been developed in cooperation with the renowned company - ADB.


The Gold Medal of MTP is one of the most recognizable and prestigious awards on the Polish market which – following an in-depth analysis by the experts – is granted for most innovative products of the highest quality. The Competition Jury, that is a professional jury, composed of the leading specialists representing relevant fields of business activities, presents awards to state-of-the-art products which are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies.

In this year’s edition, a team of experts acknowledged the EVOBOX PVR set-top box, the software for which has been developed in cooperation with ADB, a company with extensive experience in this field. It enables, among others, recording as many as three programs simultaneously and is manufactured in the factory of Cyfrowy Polsat Group in Mielec.

“EVOBOX PVR is a breakthrough technology which ensures for our customers even more comfort use of our offer and television services. An extremely fast CPU, a possibility to record three programs simultaneously, an intuitive menu, a built-in Wi-Fi module and a single cable installation offer a totally new dimension of television entertainment available through the EVOBOX set-top box,” says – Dariusz Działkowski, a Cyfrowy Polsat Board Member responsible for technical matters.

The advantages of EVOBOX PVR set-top box recognized by the Jury of the Gold Medal of Pozań International Fair competition:

  • modern, intuitive menu which enables users to navigate smoothly;
  • advanced features which enable recording of many hours of favorite programs;
  • a built-in Wi-Fi module supporting wireless Internet connection;
  • advanced program search capabilities;
  • a convenient and clear program guide;
  • very fast channel changing;
  • possibility of using online services, e.g. Cyfrowy Polsat GO, HBO GO;
  • totally new design and colors;
  • an intuitive remote control which enables efficient navigation across the channels and the STB’s menu.

EVOBOX PVR has been available in the offer of the biggest satellite TV platform in Poland since the middle of January 2016. With a view to fully exploit all the possibilities and functions of EVOBOX PVR, a special antenna installation, with Unicable digital-to-analog converter, will be available in Cyfrowy Polsat sales network. Thanks to the converter, the satellite signal can be delivered not only to the EVOBOX PVR set-top box but also to as many as two additional STB’s connected thanks to the Multiroom HD service. The offer can be enjoyed by both, new customers and existing satellite TV platform subscribers, in the Premium offer (174 channels, including 65 HD channels) the set-top box will be provided for PLN 49 only.

Last updated 04/28/2016