The New Power LTE Internet Access offer in Cyfrowy Polsat

19 May 2015

In the New Power LTE offer customers will be able to choose from among alrge basic data packages– starting from 15 GB for PLN 29.99 up to 100 GB for PLN 99.99. In the smartDOM program the new offer is available from PLN 25 monthly for a 25 GB data package in the SIM-only option. Data packages from PLN 69.99 up offer customers the possibility of buying “Unlimited LTE” as an additional service.

The New Power LTE offer also guarantees access to a broad range of state-of-the-art devices (including USB modems, mobile routers, desktop routers and ODU-IDU sets for home LTE Internet access) which support LTE technology while offering transfer rates of up to 150 Mbps. Devices can either be bought or rented.

The New Power LTE offer will feature a gigantic 200 GB data pack for night-time use, as well as thematic packages from IPLA – the biggest Internet TV.

Last updated 05/25/2015