Decision to discontinue participation in the auction with regard to the 800 MHz frequency blocks

10 Mar 2015

The Board of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (”the Company”) hereby informs that on March 10, 2015 it was informed by Polkomtel sp. z.o.o. (”Polkomtel”), a direct subsidiary of the Company, of Polkomtel’s decision to discontinue active bidding in the auction for 800 MHz spectrum blocks while adopting the so-called passive bidding approach.

At the same time the Company’s Management Board would like to note that based on the current information from Midas S.A. (”the Midas Group”), dated March 3, 2015, the Board obtained information about the cooperation agreements which were concluded by Aero2 sp. z o.o. (”Aero2”) and Mobyland sp. z o.o. (”Mobyland”), on the one hand, and Sferia S.A. (”Sferia”), on the other, by virtue of which Midas Group intends to pursue roll-out of the LTE800 network.

In accordance with the current report no. 7/2015 of  March 3, 2015 the Company’s Management Board would like to remind that the PLK Memorandum and the CP Memorandum, described in detail in the above referenced report, assume that should Mobyland launch services using further frequencies it owns or the frequencies which it will acquire, then Mobyland will expand the scope of data transmission services provided to Polkomtel.

Based on the information provided by Midas, the first 1200 LTE 800 base stations are planned to be put on air during the next few weeks and hence LTE coverage footprint will extend to an area inhabited by over 90% of Poland’s population.

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Last updated 03/17/2015