Information on the conclusion of license agreements and annex to the license agreement with Telewizja Polsat S.A. (significant agreement)

18 Feb 2010

The Management Board of The Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (Company) hereby informs that on 17 February 2010 it concluded in a written form a license agreement, that prolongs the oral agreement, for distribution of Polsat Film. It also concluded in a written form a license agreement, that prolongs the oral agreement, to distribute Polsat News, Polsat Play and Polsat Cafe and annex to the license agreements dated 1 January 2006 for distribution of Polsat Sport Extra.

Polsat Cafe is available to the subscribers of all packages offered by the Company, Polsat Film, Polsat News and Polsat Play are distributed to the Mini Max and Family Package subscribers and Polsat Sport Extra is distributed to Family Package subscribers.

For distributing channels all the above mentioned channels, the Company will pay a monthly license fee, expressed in US dollars for Polsat Sport Extra and Polsat Film and in Polish Zloty for  Polsat News, Polsat Play and Polsat Cafe.

Total value of signed annexes depends on the number of Family Packages subscribers and PLN/US dollar exchange rate. The Company estimated that the total value of these agreements and annex, in the life of the agreements will not be lower than PLN 179,600,000 based on the PLN/US dollar exchange rate of PLN 2,9007 per 1 US dollar, exchange rate published by the National Bank of Poland on day 17 February.

All conditions of the agreements do not vary from market standards applied to this type of agreements.

The annexes to the agreements have been deemed  material due to the fact that its value over its lifetime will exceed 10% of the equity of the Company.

Legal basis: Paragraph 5, section 1, point 3 of a Decree of the Finance Minister regarding current and periodical information filed by issuers of securities.

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