Information about share allocation

30 Apr 2008

The Management Board of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. with registered office in Warsaw (Company) hereby informs that on 30 April 2008 the shares of the Company of the E series offered within the Global Offer on the basis the issuance prospectus approved by the Financial Supervision Commission on 16 January 2008 were allocated.

In the Individual Investors' Tranche 6,500,000 E series shares of the Company were allocated. Due to the fact that more shares were subscribed to than the number of shares on offer within the Individual Investors' Tranche, subscriptions of those investors were reduced. The Subscription allocation rate for individual investors is 11.54%. The investors who subscribed to shares at a price equal or greater than the ultimate sales price in the Individual Investors' Tranche received the shares.

In the Institutional Investors' Tranche 60,581,250 E series shares of the Company were allocated, of which 30,724,481 shares in the International Offer. According to information received from Issuers demand reported by institutional investors in the subscription book was 4.3 times greater than the number of shares on offer.

A detailed report summarizing the results of the IPO, as set out in art. 33 section 1 of the Decree of the Finance Minister dated 19 October 2005 on current and periodical information presented by issuers of securities (Journals of Law of 2005, no. 209, entry 1744), shall be filed in a separate current report within the timeframe set out in the Decree.

Legal basis: art. 56 section 1 point 2 of the Law on public offering and conditions of introduction of financial instruments into the organized system of trade and on public companies

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