Even more LTE Internet for less – Cyfrowy Polsat launches new services and bigger data packs

13 Feb 2018

Effective February 14 Cyfrowy Polsat modifies its Internet access offer. In the new release Internet access with the super LTE Plus and LTE Plus Advanced coverage will be available with bigger data packs at even lower prices. The offer will include new data packs with bigger numbers of gigabytes as well as the new service ”Ochrona Internetu” (Internet Security) which can be used on try&buy basis, for free, for even as long as 2 months. The new offer also features 12-month contracts and a solution which is unique on the Polish market – the Home Internet 300 Set which enables data download rates of even up to 300 Mbps.

Fine coverage of LTE Plus and LTE Plus Advanced services, the possibility of trying out the offers with no risk for two months as well as the possibility of bundling the services in smartDOM program are the benefits which are already known to customers from LTE Internet access offer of Cyfrowy Polsat. While responding customers’ needs and expectations, Cyfrowy Polsat has introduced a new offer of LTE Internet access so that customers can enjoy even better and more flexible terms as well as state-of-the-art hardware. The offer includes:

-    New subscription plans in which customers will be able to choose the packages they need: the basic data pack of 30 GB is available for as little as PLN 30, 45 GB is offered for PLN 40, 60 GB for PLN 50 while the 100 GB data pack, for really heavy users, is available for PLN 70.


-    To ensure freedom and comfort of Internet access, customers will be offered LTE BEZ KOŃCA (ENDLESS LTE SERVICE) at the price of the monthly access fee. Currently, the service is available for subscriptions starting from PLN 40 monthly, which means that customers may enjoy this service while paying PLN 10 less than they have had to-date.

-    Cyfrowy Polsat offers state-of-the-art hardware which also supports LTE Plus Advanced technology and which enables data download rates of up to 300 Mbps. The available devices include:

  • ZTE MF 971V mobile router,
  • HUAWEI B525 home router,
  • Home Internet 300 set.

-    Customers of any offer can enjoy a gift in the form of free access for two months and they do not have to pay anything for using the equipment during the two months if they decided to go for an offer with a modem or a router;

-    The offer also introduces a new “Ochrona Internetu” (Internet Security) service. It is a comprehensive virus protection package which offers each customer as many as 3 licenses for installing the program on his/her devices: a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The Internet Security service is offered on try&buy basis together with the Internet access service. In the promotions with 24-month contracts the service can be tested for free during 2 months, while in the case of promotions with 12-month contracts, the trial period is 1 month. Once the trial period ends, the monthly fee for the service is PLN 9.

Thanks to the “Internet Security” service users are offered:

  • security of their logins and passwords, protection against credit card number theft,
  • protection of children against undesirable content from the Internet,
  • security of on-line banking services which is aligned with the guidelines issued by banks,
  • protection against malware and ransomware,
  • Antyzłodziej (Antitheft) function – the option of deleting the data stored on a smartphone remotely, as well as the possibility locating and blocking a lost or stolen smartphone.

-    Cyfrowy Polsat has introduced the option of shorter contracts - signed for a period of 12 months. This option also offers various data packs, from 15 GB for as little as PLN 30 to 50 GB for PLN 70.

Customers who are extending their existing contracts are offered an additional one-off data pack, of even as much as 300 GB, which is available for use during the entire contract duration!

Cyfrowy Polsat’s new Internet LTE offer is addressed both to individuals who value high quality mobile access to services and to families – big data packs with ENDLESS LTE SERVICE, superfast LTE Plus and LTE Plus Advanced Internet access services as well as a wide array of state-of-the-art devices which guarantee comfortable use of the services by all family members. LTE Internet access which is offered by Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus is available across a territory inhabited by over 99% of Poland’s population.

Last updated 02/19/2018