Cyfrowy Polsat’s new sales promotion on Home LTE Internet

02 Jun 2015

Cyfrowy Polsat introduced a promotional offer of its LTE Internet service for the home - Home LTE Internet without limits for only PLN 25 per month with the smartDOM discount.

Home LTE Internet is a unique set comprised of an external LTE modem and a Wi-Fi LTE router. The external LTE modem allows for wider coverage and stronger signal by eliminating attenuation of radio waves by walls and other construction elements of the building. The modem can be installed separately or as part of the existing satellite or terrestrial TV installation. The signal is transmitted through the antenna cable to the Wi-Fi router and is then distributed throughout the house or apartment.

The offer includes a wide range of basic data packages (from 25 GB to 100 GB) and the possibility to use unlimited LTE Internet without additional charges. Customers also gain 3 months exempt from subscription fees, an additional 200 GB in the Night Package for PLN 2.90 per month and access to three IPLA packages for 2 months within the subscription fee.

Last updated 06/08/2015