Acquisition of shares in Sferia S.A.

11 Mar 2009

The Management Board of Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (Company), informs that on 11 March 2009 the Company accepted an offer to purchase 350,000 privileged shares of a new issue of Sferia S.A. (Sferia) of nominal value of PLN 100 each (Shares). These Shares constitute approximately 11% in
the increased share capital of Sferia. The Shares were acquired at the issue price of PLN 152.56 per share. The total issue price of the acquired shares was PLN 53,396,000. Before the acquisition of Shares, the Company concluded an option agreement with Zygmunt Solorz - Żak, based on which
upon request of the Company, Zygmunt Solorz- Żak or an entity appointed by him will purchase the Shares acquired by Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. If the option is exercised the Shares will be sold for the total purchase price plus an interest of 5.5% p.a. The Company may exercise the aforementioned option at
any time, however no later than until 30 June 2009, but the term may be extended by further 3 months to 30 September 2009.

Sferia is a provider of telecommunication and broadband internet access services via the radio network based on Code Division Multi Access (CDMA) technology.

The acquisition of Shares is another step of the Company within the frame of execution of the integrated multi-play service strategy.

Legal grounds: § 56 point 1 passage 1 Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and Public Companies dated 29 July 2005

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