Pay TV

Cyfrowy Polsat is the largest pay TV provider in Poland and one of the leading satellite platforms in Europe in terms of the number of customers. Since 2006, we are the leader on the Polish market in terms of the number of active services, as well as market share. We actively expand our pay TV offer by adding both new forms of service provisioning (IPTV and OTT) and additional services which build customer value, such as Multiroom or paid video online subscriptions. As at December 31, 2020, we provided 5.1 million pay TV services.

Our offer includes mainly digital pay TV services distributed directly to end-users via Internet and satellite through set-top boxes and satellite antennas. Our programming strategy is to offer a wide range of channels that appeal to the whole family at attractive prices. At present we provide access to about 160 TV channels, including all of Poland’s main terrestrial channels as well as general entertainment, sports and e-sports, music, lifestyle, news/information, children’s, education and movie channels. In addition, we provide OTT services, such as Cyfrowy Polsat GO, VOD/PPV, online video and online music services, catch-up TV and Multiroom HD services.

Currently, we are the only operator in Poland to offer to our customers high quality set-top boxes manufactured in our plant in Mielec, Poland. We systematically develop the software of our set-top boxes and improve their functionality, so as to better address changing consumer preferences and video consumption trends. We also dynamically expand next generations of our set-top boxes to offer, in particular, new devices which allow to receive our content via Internet links, both in IPTV and OTT technologies.

Furthermore, our subsidiary Netia provides an IPTV service under the brand of ‘Personal Television’ (‘Telewizja Osobista’). Currently, Netia’s Personal Television offering includes approximately 220 channels and the number of TV services provided by Netia as at December 31, 2020 amounted to over 279 thousand.

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Last updated 04/14/2021