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The entertainment website Polsat Box Go (formerly IPLA) offers the most diversified database of legal video content and live broadcasts in Poland and over 120 online TV channels, live coverage of major national and international sports events, a vast and regularly expanded library of feature films, TV series and television programs provided by both domestic and foreign licensors. Every month Polsat Box Go offers several hundreds of hours of live coverage of the largest national and international sports events. Polsat Box Go provides its users with access to content in the free of charge model accompanied by advertisements and the paid model, and also gives the possibility to download selected content and view it offline.

In addition, Polsat Box Go started cooperation with Interia who allows its users to access content in the advertisement-based model.

Moreover, we offer our satellite TV customers the video on demand (VOD) “Home Film Rental” service which allows paid access to the latest novelties and film hits through a set-top box.

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Last updated 09/12/2021