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We develop thematic web portals which leverage on the unique content produced by our TV channels and dedicated editorial teams. In particular, the portals “’ and “” are worth mentioning. In turn, Interia Group, acquired by us in July 2020, is a leading player on the Polish market of new generation media.

The Internet portal ‘’, which belongs to the Group, is one of the three largest horizontal portals in Poland and reaches nearly 40% of Polish Internet user. It provides individual users with a vast selection of the highest quality information, entertainment, social and communication services. In addition, Interia Group includes a number of thematic websites, including, among others,,, and, as well as one of country’s first mail services with approximately 2.6 million regular users. In parallel, thanks to the acquisition ‘‘ weather forecast service which is a leader in its category, we became the number 1 among online weather forecast services in Poland.

According to the Mediapanel survey, in the fourth quarter of 2020 the average number of users per month for the combined Polsat-Interia media group exceeded 19.7 million, and the monthly average number of page and app views was around 1.7 billion.

The largest of Polsat Group’s portals, websites and services which are used for advertising purposes are presented in the table below.

Internet portal1


General interest

One of the largest Polish horizontal portals, including many thematic services.


Internet television offering VOD, live broadcasts and broadcast of linear channels over the Internet.


Portal is a unique combination of a news and journalistic service with a video platform specializing solely in sports, in particular football, volleyball, boxing, MMA, basketball, tennis and e-sports. Available also in a mobile app.

Versatile sports new service, devoted especially to football, martial arts, volleyball, speedway, tennis, basketball and winter sports. Available also in a mobile app.


Convenient and intuitive portal with both daily and long-term weather forecasts as well as with forecasts for a specific time and location. Beside information on the weather, it provides meteorological and scientific curiosities related to changes of weather conditions. Available also in a mobile app.

Poland’s most popular weather forecasts service with comprehensive forecasts and maps of air quality. It presents the hourly, long-term and local forecasts.


Mail service launched as one of the first mail services in the country, with approximately 2.6 million regular users. Available also in a mobile app.

Popular science

Popular science and technology service of Interia for novelty funs. It presents information about the latest technical achievements, medical innovations and recent scientific discoveries, which are described in an interesting and accessible way.

Vortal for primary and secondary school students, with helpful descriptions and preparations of readings, exam topics and questions and answers from many popular school subjects.

Must-have for students from all educational levels and source of knowledge from various fields, with accessible descriptions, essays, cheat sheets and learning materials.


One of top news portals in Poland, with the latest information and news about the economy, sports, science, business as well as domestic and international events. The informative part is complemented with journalistic content. Available also in a mobile app.

Interia’s news service with news, events, facts and expert opinions. Available also in a mobile app.


Versatile service for those who keep an eye on finance. It describes current issues from the international and local markets, economic situation, provides stock and currency quotations and numerous opinions and statements from experts.


Interia’s entertainment service, it presents very popular and up-to-date information from the show-biz world. Available also in a mobile app.

Interia’s top vortal, it presents news and recent trends in fashion, concept of beauty, beauty care, cuisine, diets and many other popular topics from daily life.

Almanac of interior inspirations, ideas for interior design in small and large apartments, houses and residences. A source of ideas for home decoration, renovation or design lifting.

Service addressed to real men; pop culture, life activities, trends, tips, sex, health and fitness.

A comprehensive source of knowledge about a broadly understood women’s world: passion, hobbies, cosmetics, fashion and tips awaited for all Internet surfing ladies.

Service with advices for all who need help. Simple and brief tips from various fields.


Source of knowledge for gamers – users of all platforms, who are hungry for novelties and special offers. Rankings, opinions, reviews and tips for gamers.

Versatile service devoted to motor industry. It presents a rich offer of valuable editorials, expert video materials, car reviews and tests as well as photo galleries, event reports and all types of novelties about cars.

One of the most popular Polish Internet services devoted to modern music art.: top musical pieces, music events, authors and bands. Service allows to broaden knowledge about specific music genres, includes interesting editorial reviews and a gallery of video clips.

Service for music fans, it includes lyrics of popular songs and popularity rankings.

Thematic service for fans of series and actors playing in them. It includes information about around 650 popular series, photo galleries, numerous video materials and quizzes.

Broad source of knowledge about historical and contemporary films, interesting facts from film sets, reviews, trailers and recommendations.


Social cooking service, one of the most popular ones in Poland, with thousands of user recipes. It offers free cooking books and many editorials concerning culinary art and famous chefs. Available also in a mobile app.

Specialized service for modeling sector; portfolio of the most interesting faces, ongoing castings, workshops and advice from industry experts. Available also in a mobile app.

Service aimed at exchanging opinions between Internet users on various subjects.

(1) Only the websites with over half a million of users in the fourth quarter of 2020 are presented.

Last updated 05/17/2021