Integrated services

The bundling of services is one of the strongest trends on both the Polish media and telecommunications market. In keeping with the rapidly changing market environment and consumer expectations, we consistently implement our multiplay strategy by offering our customers a complete and unique service package based on pay TV, telephony and broadband Internet access offered both in mobile and fixed-line technologies, complemented by additional services, such as financial and insurance services or sale of electric energy and gas. These services can be combined freely on an as-needed basis. Our broad range of bundled services is offered through a diverse array of digital entertainment and communication platforms, such as television sets, mobile handsets, computers and tablets.

As part of our strategy of integrating products and services, Polsat Group promotes its unique loyalty programs - smartDOM and smartFIRMA - which enable profitable bundling of modern services for the home or company. Our bundled services offer is based on a simple and flexible mechanism - a customer subscribed to one service receives an attractive discount for the entire term of the contract for every additional product or service purchased from the Group’s portfolio. Our customers can combine flexibly products such as satellite TV and IPTV, mobile and fixed-line broadband Internet, mobile and fixed-line telephony, financial and insurance services, energy and gas, home security services or supplies of telecommunications and electronic equipment, saving on each added service or product.

In 2018, we expanded the bundled services offering with fixed Internet access, offered under the ‘Plus’ brand based on Netia’s infrastructure, and in 2019 we added Internet television in IPTV and OTT technologies.

Last updated 04/14/2021