5 years of Cyfrowy Polsat’s VOD Home Movie Rental

28 Nov 2014

Cyfrowy Polsat’s VOD Home Movie Rental is celebrating its 5th birthday. On this occasion, Poland’s largest satellite platform prepared a gift for its clients. Only on November 30 this year all movies are available 50% off.

On November 30, 2009, Cyfrowy Polsat launched its video on demand service – VOD Home Movie Rental – based on 15 satellite channels which broadcast movies in rotating cycles. During these 5 years the service offered almost 3 thousand movies of various genres and ca. 3.5m rentals were made. The total viewing time of all the titles amounted to 35m minutes.

VOD Home Movie Rental is being successively developed – the number of channels on which the service is available increased to 18, two separate positions with adult movies were introduced, and the number of content providers increased. The service is available through every HD set-top box of the platform, which offers access to 50 movies hits and about 40 titles for adults each month.

Last updated 12/08/2014